Install Packer in Archlinux

Packer is a wrapper for Arch linux's package manager Pacman and Arch User Repository (AUR). Pacman can not install packages from AUR. This tool helps you do just that.

Install Requirements

:$ sudo pacman -S base-devel fakeroot jshon expac git


:$ wget

Rename the downloaded file.

:$ mv PKGBUILD\?h\=packer PKGBUILD

Run makepkg on the PKGBUILD

:$ makepkg

Install the Package

:$ sudo pacman -U packer-*.pkg.tar.xz

Usage is similar to Pacman

To install a package from AUR:

:$ packer -S <package>

To update all AUR packages. (This also updated packages installed by Pacman).

:$ packer -Syu

Note: Always run packer as a regular user. If packer needs elevated privileges, it will ask for authentication.